NATAL ‘means 'birth’ thus a Natal chart is called a ‘Birth chart’ or a 'Horoscope' also. To calculate the Natal chart, Astrologer requires exact date of Birth, time of Birth and place of Birth. Once the Horoscope is made the predictions can begin which involves personality of the person concerned, lifetime events such as Education, Career, Finance, Wealth, Profession, Relationship, Children, Fortune and so on…say it is an perfect blue Print for the Lifetime of an individual.

HORARY Astrology had been the mainstream astrological branch having proven its efficacy over thousands of years. Horary astrology can give you a very specific and focused answer by asking a serious question and looking at a horoscope of the time the Query is asked. This ancient astrological technique does not require any Birth Time Information. Horary Questions can be for Relationship, Missing article/ person, medical related, Finance and many other things related to our short and long term decisions in life.

We must never forget that we have free will, and that astrology cannot make us do anything, however use of Astrological Calculations and predictions out of a chart gives us some direction / light to take a better decision in our life.