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What are the alikeness between Natal and Horary Astrology?

As we all are aware that no one has control on birth of a child coming in this world. The human soul enters in the womb of a women as per directions from almighty depending on the result of the good of bad deeds of past life by soul (These good or bad deeds are called ‘Poorvajanmakarma’  or is also called ‘Praarabdha’ which finally takes the birth in this world to a designated parents. Such soul cannot prevent their birth in this world. In Horary somewhat similar situation arises whereas the individual enforced by the situation finds an Astrologer and asks a Question whether he can get any definite result/ remedy for his hardship. In both cases, there is an element of spontaneous and quite some inevitable situation.

-   Planetary positions are worked out in both the cases and a Chart is made for both a) Natal and b) Horary Query. All Parameters are same in the both Charts such as Planetary position , Degrees of planets etc
-   In both cases. Predictions are done on the basis of the Lagna position and other planetary position.
-   Major Rules for both predictions are a bit similar ( Except few different in Horary)
-   Keeping in view the above, the efficacy in astrology to be used for Predictions.
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